Tina Sodha headshot

Tina Sodha, PharmD

President, Director of Client Services

Dr. Tina Sodha built her career in medical education over the last 10 years with experience in both promotional and continuing medical education (CME) projects. Her expertise includes key opinion leader research and identification, advisory forums, field training, and strategic and tactical brand planning. Dr. Sodha also excels in researching and developing written materials for publication plans, CME programs, and clinician advisory councils. She has produced peer-reviewed journal articles and supplements, clinical slide presentations, agendas, and moderator/facilitator guides, and supervised the work of medical directors and medical writers on many similar projects.

Dr. Sodha has strong relationships with key thought leaders across a range of clinical categories, including neurology, gastroenterology, nephrology, cardiology (hypertension and heart failure), and hospital medicine. Dr. Sodha meets clients’ strategic program implementation objectives by communicating and collaborating effectively with relevant faculty. She has contributed to numerous strategic and tactical plans, aligning with the marketing, medical, and clinical brand teams. With her background as a medical director and her insight and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Sodha combines high-level strategic thinking with the practical capabilities of a director of client services.