Sabrina McGuigan headshot

Sabrina McGuigan, MBA

Senior Vice President, Strategy

A strategic and results-oriented catalyst, Sabrina has spent the last 16+ years of her career building brands through customer insight-driven marketing, medical education, and medical communications. Digging in to uncover the truth behind diseases and habits, she has devoted the majority of her time to HCP-focused initiatives, mostly in the peer-to-peer realm. With the experience of launching over 20 brands in various therapeutic spaces, Sabrina is fueled by engaging conversations with thought leaders across the health provider arena to marry the molecular benefits of a product with clinical relevance. She has extensive experience in the cardiometabolic and respiratory spaces, having worked across multiple franchises and brands. During product launches she leads key initiatives, including the development of brand lexicons and scientific communication platforms, insight gathering through multidisciplinary advisory boards, and the development of an MSL training programs.

Prior to joining her current company, ECIR Medical Communications, she was the Director of Global Medical Communications at PTC Therapeutics, where she oversaw the work across the pipeline developing internal educational as well as external HCP programs in Duchenne muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, and oncology. Upon the acquisition of Agilis Pharmaceuticals by PTC Therapeutics, gene therapy, specifically aromatic l- amino acid decarboxylase deficiency, Friedrich’s ataxia, and Angelman’s syndrome, was added to her repertoire. Sabrina is currently completing her MBA in Marketing with the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.