About Us

ECIR is a client-centric agency committed to providing unparalleled scientific communications solutions and customer service.

Our team is agile and efficient, capable of quickly adapting to evolving strategies and projects, making us the ideal partner for your team. ECIR’s subsidiaries, Luminology and iLuma, are composed of exceptional medical experts with advanced scientific degrees and clinical experience, including former KOLs, MSLs, and academicians, aligned to their area of expertise.

At ECIR, we recognize that scientific communications is a diverse, evolving field necessitating that agencies remain abreast of these changes and rapidly integrate changes into ongoing and pipeline initiatives. Our leadership team has adapted to the economic and regulatory changes of the times to remain flexible and meet clients’ needs.






At ECIR, our talented, dedicated team members thirst for scientific challenges, relentlessly pursue the right solution, and constantly seek opportunities to deepen their knowledge and grow their medical and clinical expertise.

If you want to deliver unparalleled excellence,
ECIR can light the way.